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Aug 02,  · A Weekend at Adult Space Camp Is Cooler Than You'd Think If you grew up in the late '80s watching,and, you probably regarded a trip to Space Camp as the ultimate grand prize. I, however, can clearly remember watching those shows with no desire to go to Space David Digregorio. Camp Greentop provides quality camping programs for youth and adults with cognitive, physical, emotional and multiple disabilities. We also offer a primitive camp (League Pioneers) and a Travel Camp! Weekend Respite options are available year-round as well. Campers have enjoyed Camp .

Some adults camps appeal mainly to a younger demographic, but many are multigenerational. We’ve rounded up five interesting choices. Accommodations can be on the rustic side (yes, that means cabins, possibly even bunk beds); two of our options don’t offer on-site accommodation but have arrangements nearby. Adult Space Academy. Jan 29,  · Adult Space Camp attendees are assigned to four person rooms. As an adult attendee it’s also possible to stay off-site if you prefer. At time of writing, for a $ upgrade fee you can stay at the Marriott Hotel, which is just off campus, and within easy walking distance of the camp.

Jun 21,  · Adult summer camps feature wine tastings, kayaking, yoga and campfires. The adult camp packages usually go for about three or four days. For the corporate ones, you can go anywhere from 1 to 5 days. Having seen Space Camp a number of times as a kid (but not since.

Mar 15,  · The debut of NASA’s Adult Space Academy means you’re one small step closer to achieving your space-travel dreams. T here’s only one place in the solar system where you can wear a flight suit, experience weightlessness, and work on rockets, all without entering orbit: Space Camp. And, until recently, no grown-ups were allowed. KIDS AT HEART. CONNECTING FOR ADVENTURE. ACTIVE OLDER ADULTS. Cancelled for , will be offered in $ for / $ for 65+ An additional $ for a private room.