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May 14,  · Chibiusa is the daughter of Tsukino Usagi (Sailor Moon) and Chiba Mamoru in Takeuchi Naoko’s hit series Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. She is the pink haired brat who travels back into the past to save the future. In this future, Usagi and Mamoru are the king and queen of Neo Tokyo. She hangs around generally getting into trouble. May 07,  · Here is a request piccy I did for of Helios and nude ChibiUsa with pretty rainbow pearls. There is a 3-D faux bling gem star on Helios' horn and rainbow pearl earrings. This is the SS (super special) version- a regular version will be posted later on. ^_^.

It is an Emoji of cute adult Chibiusa. Since there are various expressions, please attach at the end of the sentence. Chibiusa (Vector) Flavio-ruru 52 0 Baby Chibiusa Himitsu 8 3 Helios' Farewell Pink-Lady03 35 3 Chibiusa Selene93Ra 18 3 Chibiusa Tsukino (Sailor Chibi Moon) loveur1 15 0 commission - Macro Chibiusa iDFER

Adult Chibiusa Kousagi Chibiusa and Chibi Chibi Chibiusa and Sailor Cosmos. Of Court and Commoner: The Secret Files Of Codename Sailor V The Neo Moon Family Courts To The Heirs Chibiusa's Lovers Guardians of the Neo Family Who is Chibi Chibi? Who is Sailor Cosmos? Hell Babies~ Bane to the Moon Princesses. Sailor Venus Moon & Adult Chibiusa Pin Designs 😍 💖 Shares and saves will be greatly appreciated 💖 An early bird option is available for each pin! But extremely limited quantity! ‼️ Each Disguise Pen Pin order will comes with (2) Transparent Stickers and (1) Print ‼️ You’ll also be able to purchase individually items that drop with the set like the stickers and print!

ChibiUsa always dreamed to become Adult Lady and, finally, her dream came true.. But Pegasus, that she loved so much, left her.. And now she has to guess bet. Fan Art of Lady Chibiusa for fans of Sailor Mini moon (Rini) Sailor Mini moon (Rini) Club Join New Post. Add interesting content and earn coins Black Lady (evil 'n' adult Chibiusa) added by Ami_Mizuno. 3. Chibiusa, Rei and Ami. added by Ami_Mizuno. 1. Usagi and Chibiusa. added by .