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Any philosophy of adult Christian education needs to start with the presupposition that the people it serves live by the assumption that the rules apply to them. Ihave always appreciated Ernest Ligon's simple two-. Adult Christian Education The Disciple Bible Study class will take participants through the entirety of the Bible, emphasizing the wholeness of the Bible as a revelation of God. Equal time is given to the Old Testament and the New Testament, each broken into week sections.

Opportunities for Adult Learning & Growing - Sundays am to am (Welcome All Adults) At Colonial Church we strive to give our congregation diverse learning opportunities. Our small group adult education opportunities attract people from a wide variety of intellectual, academic and theological backgrounds. Adult Christian Education. Sunday Morning Lectionary Class meets each Sunday at 9 am in the Auxiliary Dining room (downstairs, adjacent to Kirkman Fellowship Hall) and explores the Lectionary scripture text for that morning’s worship service. This class offers a chance to dig deep and grow spiritually. Participants gain a sense of the rhythm.

Apr 10,  · Curriculum Choices for Christian Education For some churches, staying with the tried and true curriculum (for your children, youth or adult ministries) is a given. The old adage, “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.” For some, a new year means a . Jan 10,  · Adult classes from with Anthony Bocciardi. Class: Foundational Christian Doctrines. Teacher: Anthony Bocciardi. When: Join us in person at am or via stream here. Who is this class for? Anyone ages 18 and up. Class Description: We live what we believe, but how well do our most cherished convictions compare with the foundational tenets .

Sacred Grounds Adult Christian Education Discussion Group Sacred Grounds is BACK! They are meeting at am via Zoom! Please be on time if you are interested in joining in! The first meeting will be Sunday, September 20th, This group combines bible discussion with current events and occasionally reads books together. Christian Education Requires a Christian Philosophy, Curriculum, and Methodology Education is comprised of three basic components: philosophy, curriculum, and methodology. Likewise, each and every subject that is studied has a unique philosophy (presuppositional truths), curriculum (content) and methodology (application).