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Jul 21,  · A runny nose can be caused by anything that irritates or inflames the nasal tissues. Infections — such as the common cold and influenza — allergies and various irritants may all cause a runny nose. Some people have a chronically runny nose for no apparent reason — a condition called nonallergic rhinitis . If you have chronic postnasal drip, a frequent cough and/or a sore throat that won’t quit, you might quickly blame it on a persistent cold or allergies. What you may not know: These same .

Feb 08,  · Stuffy or runny nose – adult. A stuffy or congested nose occurs when the tissues lining it become swollen. The swelling is due to inflamed blood vessels. The problem may also include nasal discharge or "runny nose. May 28,  · A runny nose with considerable postnasal drainage could be linked to chronic sinusitis. In this common condition, the cavities around nasal passages, called sinuses, .

Some causes of runny noses are minor and do not require treatment, however, others are serious and require immediate medical attention. It’s always recommended to visit a vet if your cat is experiencing a runny nose. Just like humans, cats can suffer from a runny nose, or nasal discharge. A runny nose . Geriatric rhinitis, or rhinitis in senior patients, is a common but often neglected or overlooked condition because it is not life-threatening. Patients with geriatric rhinitis may have nasal .

Aug 04,  · Physiological changes that occur with aging can cause a runny nose and other symptoms of geriatric rhinitis, according to the American Academy of Otolaryngology. Patients . chronic runny nose in adults. A year-old male asked: what causes my chronic runny nose? Dr. John Chiu answered. 57 years experience Allergy and Immunology. Many causes: Have .