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Stella’s Wish Foundation is a non-profit foundation which is funded through corporate sponsorships, individual donors, and fundraisers. Thanks to our growing list of supporters and donors, we are granting wishes of adults with life-threatening cancers across the United States. Mar 30,  · Any adult with a life-limiting illness may apply at Eternal Wish Foundation. Applicants must show proof of financial need and provide documentation from a physician that participating in the wish is medically safe. Eternal Wish grants experiences such as vacations or trips. It does not grant physical items.

Submit a Wish Stella’s Wish Foundation would be honored to grant a wish to you or someone you love who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 of a life-threatening cancer. We know that every day of life is a treasure, and we all have wishes we would like to see come true. Ensuring Your Wishes Are Known and Honored. If You Are Unable to Speak for Yourself. Did you know Most people say they would prefer to die at home, yet only about one-third of adults have an advance directive expressing their wishes for end-of-life care (Pew , AARP ).

Mar 02,  · It appears that most organizations like Make-A-Wish cater to terminally ill children only, not adults. I am hoping someone can point us to an organization that could help in this situation. Does Disney have any special programs? do . Oct 18,  · Adults with just months to live are seeing their final dreams realized thanks to a Middle Tennessee non-profit organization. Adults' dying wishes .

Dream Foundation Dream Foundation founded by Thomas Rollerson in was the first organization to grant wishes to adults aged 18 and over. Approximately 75 percent of all the granted wishes are filled with non-cash donations including frequent flier air miles, hotel rooms, meals, park and event tickets, or medical supplies. The foundation helps adults find peace and closure with the realization of a final wish. Dream Foundation grants requests to adults whose life expectancy is 9 months or less. birat.xyz o ffers free week-long outdoor experiences to people age 18 or older who have been diagnosed with cancer.