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Transformative those who question whether either andragogy or SDL theory represents a learning theory that is uniquely adult, transformative learning theory, proposed and revised most prominently by Jack Mezirow (), offers an appealing alternative. This theory grew out of Mezirow’s research with reentry women in higher education. Transformative Learning Theory (Mezirow) Summary: Transformative learning is a theory of adult learning that utilizes disorienting dilemmas to challenge students’ thinking. Students are then .

This is one of the seminal books in the field of adult education. It is actually the second book on the topic written by Jack Mezirow, but this book is the one that really placed Transformative Learning Theory Cited by: Feb 03,  · About this journal. The Journal of Transformative Education (JTED) is a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal focused on advancing the understanding, practice, and experience of transformative education.

Jul 15, - The transformative learning theory is the process through which we can review our values, beliefs and assumptions safely and critically in order to learn, change and build new knowledge.. See more ideas about learning theory, transformative learning, learning pins. Transformational learning is the process of deep, constructive, and meaningful learning that goes beyond simple knowledge acquisition and supports critical ways in which learners consciously make .

setting out our ambition to achieve transformational change through learning. Strong evidence that it is a consultative and collaborative approach that works best in Scotland. Michael Russell MSP Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning Adult Learning in Scotland Statement of Ambition. 4 1 Adult Learning in . John Dirkx views transformational learning as a meaning-making process within adult education, aimed at promoting a democratic vision of society and self-actualization of individuals. Learning is life—not a .