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adult ego state - did I bruised your male ego?

Ego State Theory As you attempt to communicate with another person during a crisis situation, understanding the ego states that you and the other person are . Be aware of your ego states and those of others Identify the right time to use / respond to / ignore certain ego states Find the Adult and respond to the Adult in difficult situations Read more on this fascinating subject: I’m Ok, You’re OK by Thomas A. Harris Games People Play: The Psychology of Human Relationships by Eric Berne.

May 15,  · The Adult ego state is the present state of awareness. In sales we say that the Parent gives permission to the Child to buy and the Adult justifies the decision. The adult justifies the decisions you make using rational and developed thought to understand and reinforce the choices made. Jun 22,  · The Adult ego state is “principally concerned with transforming stimuli into pieces of information and processing and filing that information on the basis of previous experience” (Berne, ). It is quite similar to a data-processing computer.

He argues that insights can be gained by examining the degree to which an individual's Adult ego state is contaminated by the other ego states. He summarizes contamination of the Adult by the Parent as "prejudice" and contamination of the Adult by the Child as "delusion". A healthy individual is able to separate these states. The Adult ego state is a repository of our grown-up resources where we can think, analyse, evaluate, be rational, make decisions and problem-solve. It mediates between working out how our Child ego state can get what it needs while acknowledging how our Parent says what ‘should’ be done.

In the parent ego state, you think, behave, and feel the way a person of authority in your life did. These are states that you have adapted unreflected from the past to the present. When you are in the adult ego state, you behave logically, appropriately, and you respond to the here and now. You are oriented to numbers, dates, facts. Identifying ego states. Here is a quick test to check if you understand the theory. Print out this test so you can mark down your answers.. Look at each statement and quickly decide whether it is said from the state of parent, adult or child.