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adult emperor angelfish - Adult bro and gf having fun!

The Emperor angelfish (Pomacanthus imperator) is the most well-known angel fish in the aquarium industry, With striking colors, bold body, combined with personality and attitude, It is not only me. The Emperor Angelfish is native to the Indian and Pacific Oceans dwelling at depths of as much as meters. As juvenile emperor angelfish age, their coloring changes. The adult Emperor Angelfish has a blue body covered with bright, horizontal yellow stripes that extend to the yellow-orange caudal fin.

The adult Emperor Angelfish, also called the Imperator Angelfish, has a bold, blue body covered with bright yellow horizontal stripes culminating in a bright yellow to orange caudal fin. A striking blue-black mask covers the eyes and a similarly-colored vertical band extends from the pectoral fin two-thirds of the way up the body. Emperor Angelfish (Juvenile) quantity. Add to cart. SKU: N/A Categories: Angelfish, Saltwater Fish Tags: Dr Reef, Emperor, Quarantined Inverts, Saltwater fish, Snails. Additional information Reviews (0) Additional information. Flame Angel. Emperor Angelfish (Adult).

The adult Emperor Angelfish thrives well in a temperature range of degrees Fahrenheit and pH of It is slow to accept captivity and very shy in nature. The adult Emperor Angelfish is susceptible to a variety of parasites and proper quarantine procedures are then recommended. Aug 05,  · This Emperor Angelfish is a fish where the juveniles look very different from the adults. It should also be noted that many hobbyists complain that the colors of their Emperors not being very brilliant. This is most likely due to a nutritional issue.

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