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His eyes are beginning to change from the dark grayish blue of early puppyhood to his adult color of medium brown. From the beginning the grayish blue shade was fairly dark compared to the light shade of a dog who will have blue eyes. A puppy that will develop amber eyes will have eyes a bit lighter than these, but they will still be. Aging is the most common cause of a change in eye color, gradually, after reaching adolescence. Most will lighten with age, but hazel (light brown or yellowish brown) or blue can darken. A Caucasian baby's eyes, of course, can change color quite rapidly as the pigmentation of the eye changes, then settles in, giving the child its eye color.

Although, an eye doctor should check this, there is usually nothing serious about the condition. Hence, you get Kate Bosworth with her one hazel eye and one blue eye. Change your mood, change your color. The iris is the part of the eye that carries the color. It is a muscle that expands and contracts to control the size of the pupil. Answer to old question: Do your eyes change color? Yes, kind of My eyes have a dark green background (or pupillary zone) and brown edges (ciliary zone). The thing is, the ciliary zone radius changes with the contraction of the pupil, covering mor.

Jun 10,  · “Typically, a baby’s eyes can change color during the first year of life,” says Benjamin Bert, MD, an ophthalmologist at Memorial Care Orange Coast Medical Center. Eye color is related to the color of the iris. This may be blue, brown, green or hazel. Typically the iris color stays fairly stable over the years. If one notices an assymetric change of color, say one eye seems different than it used to be, or if there is a sector of color change this should be brought to the attention of an ophthalmologist.

Jan 07,  · Dry eye. Up to 75 percent of adults over age 40 experience dry eye, a condition in which your eyes don’t produce enough tears. “As you get older, tear production slows, as do other glands around the eye that produce oil that also helps keep eyes . Oct 15,  · Eye Color Changes Of Concern. Your cat’s eye color shouldn’t change again once mature. If you notice her eye color changing, it might indicate a health concern that needs medical attention. “Sometimes there might be late bloomers,” Johnson says, “but most cases of adult color changes are from a medical issue going on with the eye.”.