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In December , the Victorian Government Department of Health and Human Services engaged Turning Point to refresh the standard adult alcohol and drug screening and assessment tools. Victorian AOD intake tool and the AOD comprehensive assessment now includes a self-completion form. INTAKE SCREENING POLICY. Intake screening will be performed on each person brought to the Deschutes County Adult Jail (DCAJ) and Work Center (WC) for lodging. Intake screening is a system of structured inquiry and observation designed to prevent newly arrived inmates who pose a health or safety threat to.

Jan 02,  · 4. Mental Health Assessment: A. Each new admission inmate will receive a post admission mental health screening and evaluation by a qualified mental health professional, or mental health staff, within fourteen (14) days of admission to the DOC. 1. In cases of acute psychiatric illness, the inmate will be housed under observation and the. Mental Health Screening in Juvenile Justice Settings (PDF - KB) National Center for Mental Health and Juvenile Justice () Provides information on screenings, assessments, selecting tools, setting the framework for system change, implementing screenings and assessments in practice, and maintaining and evaluating the screening process.

Oct 10,  · Having the detainee fill out the health history portion of the intake screening form may be appropriate if he is literate enough in medical terminology. While many who are deaf and hard of hearing indicate the ability to read lips nurses need to be cognizant that only about 30% of what is said can be accurately interpreted (Shuler et. al., ). How to Fill Out an Intake Assessment Form Depending on the medical institution you go to or the medical service you are looking to acquire, a Medical Intake Form has a general format and a set of items that need to be answered. The first part of any intake form is .

Adult Intake Paperwork - NEW PATIENT FORMS. Child/Adolescent Intake Paperwork - NEW PATIENT FORMS. Controlled Medication Agreement. Adult Health Screening Questionnaire (18+) Adolescent Health Screening Questionnaire () Child Health Screening Questionnaire (12 & Under) General Forms. ASSESSMENT TOOL- ADULTS (PAPER VERSION) Multidimensional Assessment. This confidential information is provided to you in accord with State and Federal laws and regulations including but not limited to applicable Welfare and Institutions Code, Please list mental health provider(s): Provider Name Contact Information.