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Fleet Auction; Inmate Commissary Accounts; Lane County Justice Court Fees; Lane County Park Reservations and Passes; Maps and GIS Data; Parole & Probation Fees. Feb 22,  · Polliwog A tadpole (also called a pollywog) is the larval stage in the life cycle of an amphibian, particularly that of a frog or toad. They are usually wholly aquatic, though some species have tadpoles that are terrestrial.

We have compiled a glossary of the baby name’s for many animals. Scroll through the table below to check what the correct name for the young of your favorite animals. If you want to know the names for adult male and female animals you can check this list of animal names. Define polliwog. polliwog synonyms, polliwog pronunciation, polliwog translation, English dictionary definition of polliwog. also pol·ly·wog n. See tadpole. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition.

(US, dialectal) A tadpole. , L. Frank Baum, “The Story of Tommy Tucker”, in Mother Goose in Prose: So Tommy sang the following verse: “The cold got worse, The frog got hoarse, Till croaking he scared a polliwog!”··^ polliwog in Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, G. & C. Merriam, Polliwog - This beginner level class is for children who are uncomfortable or inexperienced in swimming. It teaches basic skills including stroke work, gliding, floating & kicking as well as beginner rotary breathing. Guppy - This is for children who are comfortable with face in water and are able to swim feet without a floatation device.

polliwog: 1 n a larval frog or toad Synonyms: pollywog, tadpole Type of: larva the immature free-living form of most invertebrates and amphibians and fish which at hatching from the egg is fundamentally unlike its parent and must metamorphose. Polliwog In The City. likes. Polliwog in the City! The adeventures of Polliwog around the wny area! It's puddle-hopping time! Keep tuned for live feeds.