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Adults may get an umbilical hernia by straining the abdominal area, being overweight, having a long-lasting heavy cough or after giving birth. The cause of hiatal hernias is not fully understood, but a weakening of the diaphragm with age or pressure on the abdomen could play a part. What are the symptoms of a hernia? An umbilical hernia is a result of weakness in the muscles in or around your belly button. It causes the belly button to pop outwards and can happen at any age. Umbilical hernias are most common in women during and after pregnancy, and in people who are overweight.

Umbilical Hernia Causes While you’re pregnant, the umbilical cord is connected to your baby ’s abdominal muscles through a small hole. This usually closes up after the baby’s born. How is an umbilical hernia diagnosed? An umbilical is diagnosed with a physical examination. How is an umbilical hernia treated? Most umbilical hernias close by the time the child is 2 to 5 years old. If the hernia hasn’t closed by then, or if it is very large, surgery may be needed to repair the hole in the belly wall. If an adult has an.

"went to the er with a lot of blood in my diarrhea. they did a ct scan w/ contrast. there is mild diffuse wall thickening of the descending colon and parts of the sigmoid colon. also noted was a umbilical hernia cm. what could cause the blood?" Answered by Dr. PHILIP WALLER: Inflammation: The findings you describe is what inflammation or infect. An umbilical hernia usually disappears with time as the babies start to grow. If an umbilical hernia doesn’t disappear after four years of age, it requires immediate medical attention. Umbilical hernia also occurs in adult men and women. Hernia tends to occur more in older men and women due to the weakening of abdominal muscles. Causes of.

Nov 16,  · Umbilical hernias usually happen because of a hole or weak area in your abdominal muscles. Umbilical hernias happen more often in women than in men. The following may increase your risk for an umbilical hernia. An umbilical hernia is the name for a small loop of your intestine bulging out of your belly belly button (or umbilicus) is the small opening among the muscles that cover your belly. It’s where the umbilical cord attaches the fetus to its mother during pregnancy.. The umbilical opening should close soon after birth.