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Oct 11,  · Autism signs and symptoms checklist for adults. I was diagnosed with high-functioning autism as an my post about it here.I often get asked what the signs are and if I knew I was autistic.I started to question whether I was on the autism spectrum after my son was diagnosed with severe nonverbal autism at 2 year old.. If you’re here, you probably . If you are in a situation where your adult child with Aspergers or high-functioning autism (HFA) is living with you and it is mutually beneficial (or at .

May 16,  · Low-functioning ASD is often diagnosed at the age of two. But the diagnosis of high-functioning ASD is not easy. Because its symptoms are overlooked by loved ones and medical professionals alike. According to recent researches, one in 68 old adults have autism spectrum disorder and most of them are not diagnosed with ASD until the age of Are you an adult living in Colorado with high-functioning autism (formerly known as Asperger Syndrome), but you can't find a Meetup group that does sociable events for you? Are you only running into Meetups that are for parents of children with autism, social Meetup groups only for teens/young adults, or Meetups only meant for support but not.

May 17,  · Adults with autism spectrum disorder — particularly those with high functioning autism or Asperger syndrome — can live healthy productive lives with the proper structure and Psych Central Staff. Resources and Services for Adults with Autism Resources to support adults in all areas of life With an estimated 50, adolescents with autism becoming adults each year, it is more important than ever that there are effective resources and services to .

If you or someone you know is dealing with a challenging situation and could benefit from additional support, consider talking to one of the 2, licensed o. Apr 28,  · We do not know exactly why those with an ASD are more anxious than typical adults. There are a few explanations. Neurology of the brain: ASD is considered as a neuro-developmental disorder that changes the structures and functioning of specific components of the brain. For example, we know that those with an ASD are likely to have structural.