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Apr 10,  · JP: The definition of complex trauma is twofold; it involves an understanding of both the nature of trauma exposure and its ongoing impact on an individual’s functioning and development. Complex Trauma! Lack of baseline: desensitization-trauma viewed as normal! Frequent crises, lack of stability (still in the middle of the hurricane)! Emotional and behavioral dysregulation! Lack of stable, consistent, responsive caregiving! History of interpersonal trauma leads to attachment difficulties!

Aug 28,  · Complex PTSD is a type of anxiety disorder. PTSD is generally related to a single event, while complex PTSD is related to a series of events, or one Author: Jayne Leonard. Welcome. Welcome to This website's mission is to increase understanding of complex trauma: what it is, what it does to people, and. ways to reverse its effects on mind, body and spirit. was created by people whose professional backgrounds in the trauma field have been informed by our lived experiences.

Complex PTSD may be diagnosed in adults or children who have experienced traumatic events, such as violence, neglect or abuse. However, many individuals who experience these forms of complex trauma do not develop Complex PTSD. Research has shown that children who experience early childhood trauma, abuse or neglect are more likely to go on to develop profound and long-lasting mental health problems in adulthood, such as ‘complex PTSD’. This differs from ‘PTSD’ which is more typically associated with a single traumatic incident or set of traumatic events.

Oct 01,  · The complex trauma survivor’s life history is layered with chronic trauma as a result of ongoing stressors such as long-term domestic violence, childhood sexual abuse and physical abuse. Jun 21,  · In both complex PTSD and standard PTSD, the brain has a hard time regulating emotions that stem from trauma. “In people who don’t get .