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Years ago, scientists became intensely interested in the inner-workings of embryonic stem cells. At just three to five days old, this mass of protean cells were a blank canvas, yet under normal circumstances, these cells would develop into tissues, organs and more than other body parts. Early animal and human stem cell research focused on cells taken from extra embryos frozen at in vitro. Jun 19,  · Pros of Stem Cell Research 1. Lessened Transplant Denial. Stem cells extracted from an adult are physiologically and genetically same to that of their body cells which then on the transplantation for therapeutic purpose lessens the denial risk. With this, many hurdles in the medical field can be overcome. 2. Reduced Animal Testing.

Dec 27,  · The cons of the stem cell therapy include the following: • The use of the stem cells for research involves the destruction of the blastocytes that are formed from the laboratory fertilization of the human egg. • The long term side effects of the therapy are still unknown. Jun 24,  · Use of adult-derived stem cells—known as induced pluripotent stem cells (IPSCs)—from blood, cord blood, skin, and other tissues have been demonstrated as effective in treating different diseases in animal models. Umbilical cord-derived stem cells obtained from the cord blood also have been isolated and used for various experimental treatments.

List of Cons of Adult Stem Cell Research 1. It has a limited supply. Stem cell research requires a large amount of stem cells. These embryonic stem cell research pros and cons cannot answer to the ethics of such practices, but they can highlight the key points of this avenue of medical research. What Are the Pros of Embryonic Stem Cell Research? 1. Most embryonic stem cells are from discarded embryos.

Jul 12,  · Adult stem cells can be used to replace the blood-cell-forming cells that have been destroyed by chemotherapeutic agents or those which can’t be produced by a new bone marrow which has not started to work after the transplant. it is very difficult to include all the pros and cons of stem cell research in an article. However, it can be Location: Truxtun Ave # B, Bakersfield, , California. Nov 05,  · The comparison of the pros and cons of embryonic and non-embryonic (adult) stem cells shows their respective significance in stem cell therapy. Adult Stem Cell Research. The unique regenerative capabilities of adult stem cells have established tremendous success in various clinical applications, medical beneficiaries, and remedial sectors of.